Supervised Visitation

Visit Room

The Family Visitation Center offers child-friendly visitation rooms filled with games, toys and plenty of activities to help children and families have a fun and memorable experience. Highly trained, caring staff and volunteers are dedicated to making sure the visits are beneficial for children and, most importantly, safe.

How do I begin using your services?

Every client is required to complete an application packet before supervised visits or exchanges can occur.  You can pick up an application packet during any of the hours Family Visitation Center is open. You will also need the following when submitting your application for services:

  • Non-refundable $10 application fee
  • Copy of any court order pertaining to custody and/or visitation
Is there a cost for services?

Yes, the cost is $10 per visit per parent.

When do visits take place?

The Family Visitation Center is open seven days a week. Availability is based on openings at the time of the client request.